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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 25, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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opening of the half billion dollar project. the shots from sky 7, show how drivers will now pass safely through the middle of the mountain and avoid the cliff hangar road which often closed for months at a time. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield will have more in a live report coming up in 30 minutes. >> the project has been a long time coming with work going at the site six years ago in many of 2007. the bridges were completed 18 months later. two years later, crews purged through the tunnel and completed the work. in january of 2011 that has completed. today is the day the drivers have been working for, the tunnels are open. >> golden gate bridge officials are ready for wednesday's start of all electronic toll taking, crews put up a new l.e.d. sign that says "do not stop automatic tolling." they want drivers to know that cash is not accepted and no toll
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takers are there going on wednesday. drivers can use fast track or be billed. the speed limit through the toll plaza will be increased to 25 miles per hour on wednesday from the current five miles per hour. >> this morning, people are lining up at the supreme court trying to grab a front row seat to legal and same sex history with arguments over the rights for gays and lesbians to marry. the first case involves california's voter approved proposition 8. the 2008 referendum banned same-sex marriage after the state's highest court ruled it legal. california's attorney general wants the ban overturned. >> absolutely against a ban on same-sex marriage. >> even if the voters --. >> they are unconstitutional. >> the other case deals with the defense of marriage act that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. conservative leader rand paul says he believes in traditional marriage but not this. >> i don't want the government
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promoting something i don't believe in but i don't mind if the government tries to be neutral on the issue. >> there are 250 public seats for each case. the court is expected to rule late in june. and our news reporter is traveling to washington, dc, and will be sitting in court when the supreme court considers whether california's proposition 8 is constitutional. the live report begins tomorrow leader on abc7 news. >> the debate over allowing gays to join the boy scouts comes to a head in may when the organization votes. in florida a coalition called online honor called for the banning of openly homosexual people from the scouts. they predict dire consequences if the ban on gays is lifted. >> we allow open homosexuals in scouting it will transform the program into something entirely inappropriate for children. >> change is not needed. the change will not solve any great oath problem. it will only create new
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problems. >> critics say the argument is remarkably similar to the one used against integration in the 50's and 60's, with members insisting they want to hear all the opinions on the issue. >> back here the san mateo sheriff is warning people of a rash of recent burglaries. deputies say potential burglars have approached homes in neighborhoods an the city and knocking on doors to so if anyone was at home. if they are, the suspects ask for directions or to speak to someone who doesn't live there. if no one answers they break in and problem the home. the sheriff advises people to call 9-1-1 if a suspicious person is knocking on their door. >> san francisco district attorney's office is definitive charging a man suspected of killing a 77-year-old newspaper vendor. he was selling the chronicle from a booth outside a montgomery street bart station on january 28 when a man lifted him up and dropped him on the sidewalk. he died three weeks later. the "san francisco chronicle"
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reports that police booked 936-year-old marc anthony castille on suspicion of murder and the d.a. said they did not have enough evidence to charge him. investigators now say they have the evidence to go forward. he is set to be arraigned this week. >> only on abc7 news, the family of a murdered marine speaks exclusively with us about the young woman with the bright future who decided to serve her country. kira klapper has more on that. >> the family of the woman says it is still hard to believe she is gone. in the last year since she became a main, the 19-year-old had become a point of pride for the entire family. you can see outside their oakley only, a small sticker on her dad's struck describes how they feel. nearly the entire family traveled to be with her at boot camp graduation a year ago, and her mother and big sister tell abc7 news that she joined the marines because she believed it
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is the toughest branch of the military and she was a tough girl. >> felt very proud since she made it through the boot camp and i was like, she is brave. i was very proud. i wanted to tell everyone that. her mom said her daughter is gone. officials say a man killed her and another man last thursday at the quantity quote marine base in virginia. lopez turned the gun, then, on himself. the bodies were founds in a barracks used by officer candidates. investigators are trying to find out reason behind the shootings. the second victim was from mississippi, and the 23-year-old was a field radio operator in the marines. his friends say he was very
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close with his mother and before he joined the marines he had considered becoming a preacher. back in the bay area, her family had a short meeting with members of the marine corps yesterday. they are making arrangements to collect her body when the federal agents complete that portion of the investigation. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> it is 5:58. >> we will shift gears now, last week our meteorologist was talking of the possibility for rain this week and that is something we have not had much. lisa? >> we can keep talking about i but the possibility is getting a little bit better as we head guard the end of the work week. right now, live doppler 7 hd is very quiet and we have more clouds and high and mid-level clouds, and that is allowing for temperatures to stay on the mild side starting out in the mid-40's for the most part, some low 40's toward the north bay. at noontime, along the coast, we are looking at numbers in the
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mid-and-upper 50's so coast side the winds will pick up and we are looking at temperatures around the bay today to be in the mid-and-upper 60's inland. partly cloudy skies, cooler days continue for wednesday, and maybe a few sprinkles in the north bay toward wednesday morning otherwise we stay partly-to-mostly cloudy with sprinkles or light showers headed into thursday and friday time period. we do have a more promising system over the weekend but, certainly, a lost -- a lot of uncertainty. grab the jacket, it is cooler with a few more clouds. >> looking for big changes on wednesday at the golden gate bridge where they will no longer take your cash. you can see they are preparing for that and doing some repaving and restriping on the roads and putting the signs up just reminding folks about that big change on wednesday. right now traffic is slowing nicely and southbound you have your four lanes in the southbound direction which is the typical morning commute, to
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the san mateo bridge, the tail lights headed westbound to foster city and toward the high-rise and everyone is at the limit and 14 to 15-minute drive between the east bay and peninsula. some road work out there to remind you of in san jose, and it is northbound 880 at 280 until 6:00 a.m. and the two right lanes are blocked there. kristen and eric? >> it is 555:10. >> michael jackson's doctor heads back to cork and what he wants from a lo
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back on this monday morning at 5:13. it is spring break for san francisco schools. muni will not be offering free bus rides to school. they began offering free bus rides to low-and-middle income students march 1. the 16-month pilot program is funded by $1.6 million in regional grant money. extra buses are add along the busy school routes to accommodate the kids except during spring break. late night bart rides face delays because of work going on inside the tube. crews will continue work on tuesday to make the tube safer in an earthquake. can you expect delays every tuesday, wednesday, and thursday for the next 14 months. one direction of the tube will close during work hours and so
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trains have to single track phone san francisco and the east bay. >> put down your phone while driving. starting next month thousands of police officers will take part in a massive crackdown. the marin reports new data reports they issued 423,000 tickets it drivers last year for talking on hand-held phones and more than 21,000 citations for texting. both have been illegal for nearly five years. police say that texting concerns them the most because it takes drivers' eyes off the road n2011, 3,000 were killed and 400,000 injured in crashes blamed on distracting driving. >> the marin county sheriff air patrol unit will test their emergency broadcasting system. residents in the area can expect to hear prerecorded test messages from an aircraft using the public address system at 11:00 30 on wednesday morning. this will help notify people in the event of an emergency such
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as an incoming tsunami and the board of supervisors of marin county declared this week tsunami awareness week. >> the doctor convicted in michael jackson's death is filing a new appeal today and try to clear his involuntary manslaughter conviction. he said the prosecution did not prove jackson was hookup to an i.v. drip which a market that killed him. murray had said he gave jackson medicine to help him teach but the pop star administered the fatal doze himself. his family filed a wrongful death suit. the case begins next month. >> now a look at the weather on this monday morning. >> you bring us sunshine. >> little bit, bringing some cooling conditions, so we have been so spoiled with temperatures above average, we are getting back to normal temperatures and below armal with -- normal. live doppler 7 hd shows it is not picking up anything but that that doing and we have the
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possibility of sprinkles tomorrow in the north bay. otherwise, we will stay dry until, say, wednesday night, when thursday and friday look more promising, in terms of rain, as well as the weekend. good morning, santa rosa, fog and 39, and napa at 39, and 47 by the delta livermore and 50 in hayward and los gatos and 42. we are starting out with a few clouds around, and that is keeping the temperatures up in san francisco and oakland, and 51 in oakland, and 48 in san carlos and 47 in san jose. it was really cold yesterday morning and we were so warm in the afternoon. today, changes come in with cooler afternoon highs, and a few more clouds in the sea breezes, well, the sea breeze should pick up by the afternoon, a lot like yesterday. so, with a little bit of fog this morning, we are looking at some of the visibility reduced in napa and santa rosa, and talking about partly cloudy and cooler this afternoon, with a better chance of rain toward the end of the week. santa rosa is quarter-mile
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visibility, and four miles in napa and the rest of the bay is fine but we are warming this morning than yesterday. in fact, we are six degrees warmer in oakland and two degrees warmer in san jose. high pressure is still holding on but it is eventually sliding to the east. as it does, by the middle of the week, we will go out for a southern flow and a couple of weak systems to the north to get awfully close to the bay. the rest of the afternoon, we will call it partly cloudy with some sunshine and cooler afternoon high and 50's coast and 60's around the bay and we are talking about this forecast, really, to hold throughout much of the upcoming work week. 68 in morgan hill, a warmer locations, and 64 in redwood city, and 59 downtown and in the north bay look for 65 in sonoma and the east bay and oakland, and 67 in pittsburg. a look ahead, maybe some rain for thursday right through the weekend. sue? >> in san jose, it is a very light commute and looking good. 87, northbound, is the commute direction, a few headlights headed beyond the h.p. pavilion at the julian exit.
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it is moving nicely here. no problems. a look, now, at other road work to mention to you, and some slow traffic, as well, no road work on the altamont pass, but you can see the speeds are slowing out of tracy, westbound 580, and it picks up in the livermore area. elsewhere, the highway four commute is slow through antioch making your way toward railroad avenue and it picks up to concord and all mass transit, everyone is getting off to a great start this monday morning, a go way to get to work. >> time is 5:18. good news foe drivers looking to save some money at the pump, the bloomburg business report is straight ahead. >> also, a curious one, are bill and melinda gates getting into the condom business? they are putting their money behind sexual creativity. >> job many of us would not mind, a woman heart at work sleeping in the name of modern art. >> today's show is about moving
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>> a power couple is on a crusade this morning to change the way people think of condoms. the bill and melinda gates found has a $100,000 grant to anyone who can develop the next generation condom. they were not specific about what that would entail but it goes to promote safe sex all over the world including third-world countries where sexually transmitted diseases are most prevalent and hopes they will help with the h.i.v. problem worldwide. >> good news for drivers, gas
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prices are on the way down. are they dropping fast enough for us to save money at the pump? leader is jane king with the bloomburg business report. >> gas prices are declining but not fast enough for some. the survey says the average for a gallon of regular fell three cents in two weeks to $3.71 a gallon, 22 cent less than a year ago but 45 cent more from before christmas. they could move a bit lower in the next few days. a word of caution if you are thinking of paying out a lone for your children for college debt but have a plan. the "wall street journal" says parents should not borrow more than they can pay back in ten years and avoid plus loans and look for loans with lower rates. >> there is a $13 billion bailout after tense overnight negotiations under the deal with some people with deposits with more than $130,000 are going to
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lose money. cyprus is the 5th country to be bailed out since the greek debt cyprus started in twine. >> higher close on friday on news that cyprus would get a bailout. >> converse is selling shoes that come prescopted hunting $65 to $100, and comes in high top and regular and spring pastel colors with faded colors and a smudge on the toe. >> really? what in my kids have a lot of those! they are scuffed up. >> time if a check on the forecast. lisa? >> good morning, to you, live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet. we might be, though, by the middle of the week when it gets more interesting, higher clouds, coastal breezes picking up this afternoon, around the bay, and mid-60's inland, and couple
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degrees warmer, upper 60's at the coast and brick in the upper 50's but it is spring break and if you are headed to the south land while be milder there and high pressure is still in control and sliding to the east, though, allowing for amy -- few more clouds with a few weak systems visiting us on wednesday, into thursday, and that is when the probability of rain goes up just a little bit and over the weekend, it looks even better. highs today in the valleys upper 60's in sacramento, and 59 in monterey, and low 70's in southern california. >> we have a live look at highway 87 in san jose, again, moving nicely here, and no delays and 80 berkeley, also, at the limit as you make your way past university avenue and into the berkeley curve and the macarthur maze with no delays here as you make your way to the south bay, we will pull up this map. we have a nice drive if you are headed out right no and looking toward the road work, you can see the red, the parkway and the
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on-ramp to northbound 680 is blocked until 6:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> thanks, sue, hollywood actress is performing the art of sleeping. take a look. visitors at the museum of modern art in new york got to absurd the academy award actress snoozing on saturday. some is called "the maybe" featuring her sleeping in a glass box all day. that is work that i can really get behind. the 52-year-old is expected to perform this six more times through the ends of the year. she won an oscar in 1998 for best supporting actress for her role in "michael clayton." >> what a performance. spellbinding. >> just ahead the end of the road for the peninsula's defer sill slide. -- devil slide where the long awaited bypass project will have the ribbon cutting. >> and a new ad hitting
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. did you have a nice weekend? >> i did. could have been longer. a year or two. >> everyone would agree with that but we are in it together. >> lisa is here for mike this morning with the forecast. >> good morning, everyone. we start off with cloudy conditions but no rain to speak of today or tomorrow. we will look for extra clouds and temperatures are trending downward for the afternoon highs, with the sea breeze, winds will be ticking up in the afternoon, allowing for cooling around the bay. upper 30's in santa rosa with fog and napa, 47 in fairfield and 50 in hayward this morning so as you head out, grab the jacket and we are talking 30's
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and 40's and in the afternoon only in the mid-50's at the coast and upper 60's reserved for, say, around los gatos, and, also, morgan hill, otherwise, extra clouds and possibly leading to rain later in the week. sue? >> good morning, everyone, on monday morning. we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza just a minor delay for cash-paying folks and everyone is getting by just fine with no delays on the upper deck into san francisco. no metering lights yet. we will watch for those in half an hour. we have an injury didn't in oakland area at 98th at international with no word on if -- no, we have word it is not blocking the intersection but there are possible injuries involved. so you may want to avoid that as crews come on the scene. the drive times from the central valley, tracy up and over the altamont pass, and highway four westbound and the east bore commute into the macarthur maze is a good one this morning. >> new this morning, one person is in critical condition after
5:28 am
being stabbed on the streets of richmond overnight. it happened just before midnight. police placed at least a dozen evidence markers on the street. a medical helicopter was called in to take the victim to the hospital. police are working on the description of the attacker, as well as a motive. >> three people are in custody after a police chase that started in richmond and ended on an oakland freeway. richard police say the car crashed into the center median on eastbound 580 between grand avenue and park boulevard beginning in hayward at officers notices a car swerving the they thought the driver was drunk and tried to pull him over but they took off. investigators are trying to figure if the same car was involved if a drive by shooting. >> a search for a young man who vanished in the surf at half moon bay has been called off. the 22-year-old lopez was playing soccer with a friend on roosevelt beach yesterday, and lopez went into the surf to retrieve the ball and suddenly
5:29 am
disappeared. no one knows what happened to him. >> it was around here. he go in the beach and when i start looking for him... >> friends and co-workers are holding out hope that he came out of the water on his own. emergency crews say the rub -- say the surf was relatively calm but there are deep currents that could have played a role in the disappearance. >> by the end the day, you can use the devil's slide tunnel for the first tie. amy hollyfield is live in parka. drivers have wait add long time for this, amy. >> it is a big day. hundreds of people are expected to be here for the ribbon cutting and the party today. all of them may add role in bringing the tunnels to life. some officials say that this is the most exciting project they have ever been part of.
5:30 am
local residents are excited to have the tunnels. devil slide suffered countless shut downs because of landslides which hurt the local businesses and commuters. these town nils are expected to help them annoyed the problems. caltran says digging through the mountain was the biggest challenges the agency has ever faced. >> we went to great lengths to make sure the habitat wasn't disturbed, the engineered had to take endangered species and horses and learn how to recognize them in courses. the tunnel was designed to blend with the surrounding environment rather than having a big facade that says "tunnel" we designed the concrete and portals to look just hike the rock that is naturally occurring. >> the party will start at 11:00 this morning at the entrance of the tunnels and politicians and government workers will be there. they also tried to invite all
5:31 am
the local resident whose play add role in creating this tunnel making sure it happened. they will start the process of opening it and diverting traffic into it tonight after the ribbon cutting the they are not exactly sure what time it will be opened. they have a wide window because it is an effort but it will be open and available and ready for use for tomorrow's commute in the morning. >> thank you, aimy. the project has been a long time coming as we said with work going at the site six years ago in march of 2007 at south portal. the bridges were completed 18 mes later. then the crews punched through the tunnel and then completed the excavation. in january of 2011 that occurred. finally, today the day drivers have been waiting for, the official opening of the tunnel. >> in a story you will see only on abc7 news, the family of a murdered oakley native is
5:32 am
remembering her as happy and dedicated marine. the military notified the family of 19-year-old sara castro mata on friday she was hot and killed in quantity quote, -- in quantity coe, virginia, in a murder-suicide. >> she also had a smile on her face. >> it is difficult. it is very difficult. >> her mother also said that everyone always said sara was happy, whoever she was rooting for, and this is how they want her to be remembered. we will have more from the family coming up in 30 minutes. >> military officials say sergeant lopez of pacifica killed both sara and jacob wooley on thursday at the marine base in virginia. he then turned the gun on himself. the bodies were found in a barracks used by officer
5:33 am
candidates. investigators are trying to figure owe -- out the reason. the third victim was from mississippi, the 23-year-old was a field radio operator in the marines. his friends in mississippi say he was very close to his mom and before joining the marines he had considered becoming a preacher. >> month before congress is set to vote on sweeping gun control bill a group of mayors led by mike bloomberg and the n.r.a. will fight it out on the airways and the internet with big money campaigns. we live in washington, with the latest. >> good morning, kristen. the gun control debate is about to get louder. mayor bloomberg is spending $12 million of his own money to take on the n.r.a. >> three months after the shooting in sandy hook elementary school, congress is preparing to vote on the most sweeping new gun control measures in a generation. both sides are brace for a fight.
5:34 am
>> we are trying to do everything we can to impress upon the senators that this is what the survivors want, this is what the public wants. >> it slows down the law-abiding and does nothing to anyone else. >> the senate bill includes expanding background check for all gun purchases and tougher penalties for gun trafficking and more money for school safety and does not include a ban on assault-styled weapons. >> this ad from mayors against illegal guns on the air in 13 states, wants voter to make their voices heard adding pressure on key republicans and democrats to get on board. >> that is why i support comprehensive background checks. so criminals and the dangerously mentally ill cannot buy guns. >> 90 percent of americans in the latest washington post/abc news poll support universal checks but advocates for gun owners say they will not solve the problem. >> this is prompted by the sandy hook elementary school. those guns were legally riched with a background check.
5:35 am
worst not solve that. the n.r.a. wants do improve the current system and enforce laws already on the books. >> members of congress are back in their home districts for the next two weeks on spring break, plenty of time to hear from constituents ahead of 9 senate vote expected early next month. reporting live in washington, dc, for abc7 news. >> it is now 5:37. >> you see all the pollen out there? the layer of lime green on your windshield? >> i felt it. >> and all that needing. what do we have going on, lisa? >> we need a good rain to get rid of this and help the visibility and air quality. it is not happening. this morning, we are starting out with fog. quarter-mile visibility is causing problems, perhaps in santa rosa and novato and half mile at the coast. but the rest of you have a warmer start with temperatures from six degrees warmer to seven
5:36 am
degrees warmer along the coast. if you were up at this time yesterday it was a lot colder. around the bay it will be cooler with the sea breeze picking up and only 50's at the coast with the brisk west wind and otherwise warmer numbers are inland compared to the bay and upper 60's and partly cloudy skies and inland east bay and around the bay oakland, we are talking mid-60's, and san francisco, only upper 50's, so, it will be a cool one today, much of the work week will feature temperatures a little bit cooler than average, and we will talk about the possibility of rain increasing throughout the rest of the week and the upcoming easter weekend. sue? >> good morning, wednesday the golden gate bridge is gearing up to be all automatic with no cash accepted. we will for that for you. traffic is flowing nicely with four lanes southbound off the waldo into san francisco for the commute it is fog free, and same with the san mateo bridge, a few headlights getting busy on the
5:37 am
flat section as you make the turn to the high-rise, and still not a bad drive between hayward and foster city and the wive commute direction. we go now to road work and this is in the fremont area with the on-ramp to northbound 680 from the parkway still blocked until 6:00 this morning and an accident in oakland, international boulevard at 98, with injuries involved and you will be look for emergency crews on the scene there. >> thank you, 5:39. samsung is trying to decide between the golden state and the lone star state. what is at stake for silicon valley as the south korean company is ready for an expansion. >> the event bringing thousands of gamers and game developers together in one place today. together in one place today. that one [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere.
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citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. santa rose, berkeley, and shows, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:42. it is monday. here is traffic on 680, at walnut creek. it looks fine. it is dry. maybe a touch windy. can you see the wind in the bouncing camera shot. we will talk with lisa about the weather and sue hall and the commute. >> same-sex marriage and the
5:41 am
long road to the supreme court reaches the destination with arguments tomorrow over the trite same-sex marriage, with two cases. one is the constitutionality of california's voter-approved proposition 8, the referendum banning same-sex marriage after the highest court ruled it legal four years after then san francisco mayor ordered the city clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex marriage couples. they will also hear arguments on the law that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. the rulings are expected if -- in late june. >> our reporter is traveling to washington, dc and will be in court when the supreme court decides whether the local courts wrongly denied gays the right to marriage. >> highly decorated soldier died last week after being injured in afghanistan. the sergeant first-class griffin
5:42 am
died thursday at a medical center in germany. he was injured in a shootout early this last week in afghanistan days before he was scheduled to return home. the 31-year-old was from hayward. we talked to a neighbor who has known the family for four decades. >> he was a great kid. he likes bugs and snakes and three was just a terrific kid. we broke down crying. he was like family to us. >> he graduated and had previously served in iraq. he received the bronze star medal and leaves behind his wife, his parents and a sister. >> the oakland police academy trains a new class of 55 recruits this morning after just adding 38 new officers to the police department. the rank and file welcomed the newest academy graduates in a ceremony at the scottish rite center on friday the first academy class in four years and
5:43 am
the graduates are sorely needed the city report add 22 percent rise in murders and 43 percent jump in burglaries last year. police chief jordan says he still needs 200 more officers. that is when they will have adequate staffing, he says. >> 5:45, temperatures are going to come down a bit today. >> it will feel more like spring with the winds kicking up, and cooler afternoon highs and the possibility of rain. we will keep it a "possibility." it is quiet and we do not see sprinkles or showers but tomorrow you have to be far north and by wednesday, a few sprinkles. right now headed outside it is breezy in the upper elevation withing for on the coast in the north bay where it is chilly, upper 30's in santa rosa and nap behalf and 47 by the delta and 42 in livermore, and hayward is a mild 50 degrees. san francisco right now, the bay
5:44 am
bridge, we are looking at mild conditions from oakland, and 51, 48 in san carlos at the airport with mid-40's at half moon bay where you have the fog and only in the low-to-mid 50's today in some parts of our coast. areas of fog and cloudy this afternoon and cooler days for the first couple of days of the week and the probability of rain increases a little by little. quarter-mile visibility at santa rosa and novato and everyone else is just warmer, and high pressure is still in control but it is weakening as it slides to the east and the system gets closer we are allowing for high and mid-level clouds and the winds to cool us down from two to four degrees together. through the afternoon, we have clouds that will continue to thin out and well call it partly cloudy, into tuesday, very little change, but you will notice that we do have a little bit of green on the map and that is a weak area of low pressure that wants to provide a few sprinkles for the not bay into
5:45 am
wins, and perhaps for our friends in cloverdale early morning and throughout the day on wednesday you will notice we are looking at sunshine, some clouds, and it will be cooler, and, really, the probability of rain is not increasing until the end of the work week. 64 in milpitas today so the numbers are coming down. mid-60's in redwood city and only 57 in the sunset with 59 in san francisco and 67 in cloverdale, and near east bay and low-to-mid 60's for hayward and richmond, and out over the hills, look for more sunshine but cooler today at 67 in pleasanton. a look ahead, we will keep this forecast the next several days and by thursday and friday a slight chance of showers and better chance for the weekend. sue? >> good morning, everyone. if the commute takes you out of novato and north san pedro and to lincoln you can see the tail lights are headed in the southbound direction looking good and everyone is at limit with no fog out here and it is a nice drive through central and southern marin. we will look at road work that is out there, first we will get to the accident and it is north
5:46 am
880 at oak and oakland and this car in a have divide now, though, is in the median. there is slow traffic from the central valley at 24 to will altamont pass out of tracy and it continues to be slow through livermore picking up a bit through dublin/pleasanton on into the 580/680 junction. kristen and eric? >> the city of san jose is dangling millions to a tech giant to help coup it from moving to texas. the san jose mercury news reports that the city council will approve a $7 million incentive package tomorrow for samsung semi-conductor, a subsidiary of samsung electronics to expand on north 1st street. san jose is competing with austin, texas, where they have a plant. the drawings show where they are planning but they could bring thousands of new jobs to silicon valley.
5:47 am
>> video creators are here in san francisco for the convention for key players in the $21 billion gaming industry. there are more than 22,000 people from around the globe at mascone center this week. this year the buzz is about the industry shift from game console like the xbox to mobile gaming on the smartphone. the event is estimated to deliver $31 million to san francisco's economy. >> so there could be parking issues in san francisco, right? >> that is right, downtown. >> still ahead in our 6:00 hour, the hearing underway in italy that could end with american amanda knox return dog percent. >> three people are shot at a san francisco nightclub over the weekend and now a decision will be made about the future of the club. >> prince harry is getting ready for his first united u.s. visite
5:48 am
5:49 am
5:50 am
>> the san francisco entertainment commission will decide whether a south of market nightclub can we open after three people were shot there yesterday afternoon. the bay area news group reports that the most seriously injured victim was a man in his 30's has been up graded to stable condition. the violence started with a fight inside the club at 1:00
5:51 am
o'clock on sunday morning. a victim was shot inside the club but the shooting continues outside the club where a second victim was shot. the third victim was found in a parking lot half a mile away. so far, no arrests have been made. >> the 13th largest city in the state is headed to bankruptcy court this morning. stockton faces a four day fight over whether it can remain under federal bankruptcy protection. the city hopes to avoid claims in state court that will force it to pay more than $300 million in debts. they suffered the sharpest richest to rags swings when the mortgage bubble burst. the city has slashed tens of millions in services and programs but has drawn a line on cutting pensions or retiree benefits. they help to force creditors to settle for a fraction of what they are owed. >> about 5:54 on this monday. is there a chance of rain? we will check with our meteorologist. lisa? >> we do not is a great chance.
5:52 am
it looks like we are getting cooler conditions, but rain? you is really looking like, again, pushing back toward the end of the work week. starting out with some fog in the not bay, at half moon bay, and novato and santa rosa, and a mile in napa but everyone else, it is a warmer start. this afternoon we are talking about cooler. it will be gusty at times. upper 50's in san francisco. 65 in oakland. 68 in morgan hill. a few extra clouds if you want the warmth, southern california will be in the low 70's. sue? >> we have a nice-looking drive moving out of the concord area 242 into walnut creek, southbound 680. it is looking good. you do have a few brake lights by the 24 merge, but otherwise a night commute as you make your way southbound on 680 the we have an accident in the oakland area, northbound, 880 at oak in the center divide, the car does not have headlights on so be
5:53 am
extra cautious at you pass this area. otherwise, we have a heavy drive out of the antioch area from hillcrest to railroad avenue, at 12 miles an hour, just crawling along. kristen and eric? >> thank you. you cover a lot of crabs -- crashes, but in southern californian out of control car landed on the roof of the car. the elderly man who was driving could not stop. >> i was so scared. i 2409 it was the end. it was bad. >> my back is hurting but i don't think i broke anything. i consider myself and my husband, very, very lucky. >> there was someone in the house when the car landed but he was not injured. the driver would landed on the roof lives next door, actually, and investigators will have the car tested to see if there was anything wrong with it mechanically. >> new york city's famed coney island which has been closed
5:54 am
since super storm sandy, is now re-opened for business. the mayor bloomberg and senator schumer were on hand for the ribbon cutting. the rides were shut down after the hurricanes ravaged the area. a lot of work had to be done to rebuild the electrical system. parts of the neighborhood around coney island are still needing repairs. residents say the re-opening of the amusement park symbolizes progress in the rebuilding. >> new details just released this morning to prince harry's trip to the united states, will arrive on may 9 and stay for a week the he will visit arlington, virginia, colorado, connecticut, and new jersey and visit troops in walter reed medical center and victims of super storm sandy but noticeably action accident is las vegas. >> get a lot of this, a waitress
5:55 am
turned kate middleton look alike is the mother of two and get her $9 an hour and now makes $1,000 an appearance as the future queen act. she has baby bumps in various sizes to keep up appearances, until the real duchess gives birth in july. >> may want to invest in some brown contacts. >> for future appearances. >> next at 6:00 we are live in pacifica as the ribbon cutting for the new devil slide tunnel is a few hours away. what you can expect in your drive through the mountains. >> we talked to the family of the bay area marin killed at quantico and how any want their loved ones remember. >> pope francis make as major announcement to
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00, sky 7 showing the new devil slide twin tunnels. in a few hours an official ribbon cutting will take place. drivers will have to wait, still to drive through them. that is our top story this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. >> that orange glow is intriguing from the tunnels. right now, though, we will bring the weather forecast. >> good morning, some of the cooler locations today are certainly at the coast, live doppler 7 hd showing it is quiet but we do have a little bit of fog out there and visibility reduced in the north bay. fur at the coast starting out in the 40's by noon. sunshine and mid-50's and staying cool and the sea breeze kicks in after the noon and temperatures in the upper 50's and for the rest of the bay, we are talking about anybodies in the unper 40's to start out with numbers climbing through the
5:59 am
50's. the clouds will thin out and highs from the mid-60's to san leandro and inland, warmer but not as warm as we have been with numbers climbing through the 50's starting out with good visibility and by the afternoon, concord and pleasanton and mid-60's so say goodbye to the 70's. we will be looking at numbers to continue to stay a few degrees below average and introducing a couple of drops of rain and we will talk about it in a few more minutes. >> sue? >> happy monday. we look at the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights but there are minor delays for cash-paying folks with the lights on in the next ten minutes and we will follow that. it is looking good on the upper deck into san francisco with in problems there. now, this accident in oakland, it is northbound 880 at oak in the center divide, and it will be affecting the left lane when the emergency crews and tow truck is on the scene to get that out of there. for now just in the center divide and we will look at the drive


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